Our Heritage

This on article Vedas is fascinating…and exemplfies how we Indians are easily made to believe less of our great heritage…magnified by the current secular intelligensia which would love to deny any heritage espoused by scriptures such as Vedas, afterall that would make it Hindu …and what a sacrilege that would be!!!


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Another one on Americans

No, I am not into American-bashing, but this was too funny for words!

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Blogging woes – contd

well, i have looked around the other blog sites and I'm back here 😉

 I suppose i will learn with time the tips n tricks!

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The Big-Brother Syndrome!

How can America not be the 'most-hated' country of the world, nothwithstanding George Bush's 'the axis of evil'? This article is more proof! I suppose the world must be much obliged for this admission of error.

God, such smugness! the only saving grace is there are still Americans who care about justice …Micheal Moore, Time et al.

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Blogging woes

I have spent the last 2hrs trying to figure out customising my sidebars here….only resulting in utter complete frustration! 😦

the support docs etc really need to be simplified more….yes for dummies like me. It would really help if the free & paid section were dealth separately!

I *finally* figured out from the forum that plug-ins/widgets are only for the paid service…if only this were made clear in the FAQs or the documentation section !!!!

I am fleeing to a more newbie-friendly blog site 🙂 

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This is slightly old but a hilarious take on Americans….I can't agree more 🙂

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Reservations – History repeated?

New wave of reservations are on the anvil in India, well… what can you expect if we vote in Congress…??

But this time there seems to be more vocal sustained resistance, this report has an interesting theory as to why. I noticed protests have been across cities in North India, but South with exception of Bangalore is conspicuously absent.

All of it is anyway of no avail of course, my pessimistic side is sure ;). I, all the more, don't want kids now!

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